Interference Screws, Cannulated (Titanium)

  • Specifically designed for endoscopic femoral fixation where graft protection is needed.
  • Polished, fully radiused threads provide maximum graft protection.
  • Wide-bore cannulation for easy guide wire removal.
  • The Taper-Tip style offers sharper initiating threads and a more pronounced taper for faster, easier insertion.
  • Designed to reduce the possibility of bone plug migration during placement.
  • Round head reduces possibility of graft damage during or after implantation.
  • Universal screw for either tibial or femoral applications. Standard 4.5mm hex for easy insertion and removal.
  • Cannulated for use with a guide wire.
  • Material – Titanium alloy.
Code No. Dia. Length
A20840620 to A20840635
A20840720 to A20840735
A20840820 to A20840835
A20840920 to A20840935
A20841020 to A20841035
A20841120 to A20841135
20mm to 35mm
20mm to 35mm
20mm to 35mm
20mm to 35mm
20mm to 35mm
20mm to 35mm